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The 6100 Calorimeter has been designed to provide the ...

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The 6100 Calorimeter has been designed to provide the user with:

  • A traditional design calorimeter with removable oxygen bomb and bucket.
  • A high speed calorimeter capable of performing up to 7 tests per hour when equipped with two bombs and buckets.
  • A compact calorimeter requiring minimum laboratory bench space.
  • A modern intuitive graphical user interface for ease of operation and training.
  • A calorimeter with up to date digital hardware, software and communications capabilities.

Outwardly, the 6100 Calorimeter appears to be the same as the 6200 Isoperibol Calorimeter, since both calorimeters are built into the same housing with the same keyboard and LCD display panel. But, there is one important difference: the 6100 Calorimeter does not have a temperature controlled jacketing system as required for isoperibol calorimetry.

The 6100 Calorimeter is intended for the user who wants a modern calorimeter with the convenient automatic features provided in the 6200 Calorimeter and whose precision requirements can be met with a static system without isoperibol control. Or, for users whose work load is small or intermittent, making it preferable to purchase a lower cost model. To meet these criteria, the temperature controlled water jacket and its accessories have been removed from the 6200 Calorimeter and replaced in the 6100 with a static air jacket around the bucket chamber, comparable to the arrangement used in the 1341 Plain Calorimeter. This eliminates all water and water connections, resulting in a significant saving in cost. And, with no permanent external connections (except a connection to an oxygen tank). The 6100 Calorimeter can be set up and made ready to operate in a few minutes, or it can be set aside when not in use.

All sensors and controls in the 6100 Calorimeter are built into a single, compact cabinet to provide a self-contained operating unit consisting of:

  • An 1108P oxygen bomb with an oval bucket which fits into the jacket.
  • A built-in automatic system for charging the bomb with oxygen.
  • A high precision electronic thermometer.
  • A bright, color, touch screen display for data entry and operation control.
  • USB port for printer and balance communication
  • Ethernet port for computer and network (LAN) connections.
  • Removable SD memory card slots for simple program updates and test report archiving.

A variety of vessels are available for testing samples releasing from 52 calories to 12,000 calories per test.

Good Repeatability

The Parr 6100 Compensated Calorimeter monitors the temperature surrounding the calorimeter and applies the necessary heat leak correction in real time. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a temperature regulated water jacket found in traditional isoperibol calorimeters, the compensated jacket approach offers significant improvement over the traditional static jacket calorimeter. The application of the real-time jacket temperature to the heat leak correction avoids the long pre- and post- periods normally associated with static jacket calorimetry. In addition to achieving a rapid analysis, this technology allows the user to realize the precision required by the most frequently used standard test methods for commercial fuel testing.

As with all static jacket calorimeters, best results are obtained when the instrument is operated in a location where it is not subject to air drafts and fluctuating temperatures. The preferred operating environment is in a temperature controlled room (+/- 1 C). It is a well accepted principle of reliable analysis that any instrument calibration be checked regularly. The optimum frequency for checking the 6100 Calorimeter depends largely on the temperature stability of the operating environment. As general rule, the instrument calibration should be evaluated at least every tenth test. The calorimeter controller software conveniently offers both a graphical control chart approach in addition to an automatic rolling average calculation to support calibration maintenance and verification. Following the aforementioned guidelines and using reference samples, such as benzoic acid, the process sigma (precision classification) of the 6100 Calorimeter can be taken as 0.1%.

A Self-Contained Operating Unit

The 6100 Calorimeter is a compact operating unit that uses the same 1108 style oxygen bomb and oval bucket furnished with the 6200 or with the 1266 and 1356 previous models. It also has the same automatic oxygen filling system and high precision electronic thermometer used in the 6200 Calorimeter. There is a touch-panel keyboard for data entry and a color LCD display for operator prompts, status indication, data verification and report views. All steps in the test procedure are managed by a microprocessor control system programmed to operate the calorimeter in either the conventional equilibrium mode or in a faster dynamic mode. All data is handled automatically by a dedicated microcomputer.

Printed Reports

An optional 1759 Printer can be furnished with each 6100 Calorimeter to produce a permanent record of all activity within the calorimeter. Multiple Language Options Parr Model 6100 can be set to provide the programming options, operating menus, reports and error messages in the following choice of languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Russian and Czech.


  • Compensated Jacket calorimetry
  • Removable 1108P Oxygen Vessel and Bucket
  • 4-7 tests per hour
  • Operator time per test is approximately 6 minutes
  • 0.1 – 0.2% precision class instrument
  • 0.0001 ºC Temperature Resolution
  • 52 – 12000 calorie sample range dependent upon vessel selected
  • 0.05% Linearity across operating range
  • SD memory and TCP/IP network communications
  • USB Port for balance and printer connections
  • Updates via the Internet
  • Dimensions (in) 23w x 16d x 17h
  • Dimensions (cm) 57w x 40d x 43h
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