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The proximate analysis of a coal sample is a tedious procedure involving several separate weights and the handling of data from several sources. The 6750 Proximate Interface simplifies this process while weighing only 4.5 pounds and measuring 11 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and 9 inches deep,saving precious bench top space.

Numerous Capabilities

Operating seamlessly with current laboratory equipment, the 6750 Proximate Interface will:

  • Collect and store individual weights
  • Calculate the resulting proximate analysis for each sample on any of four reference bases: As-Determined (AD), As-Received (AR), Dry (DRY) or Dry, Ash-Free (DAF)
  • Convert and report BTU and Sulfur values to selected moisture reference bases
  • Act as a remote Air Dry Loss, Total Moisture Interface or Balance Interface
  • Support data entry, storage and reporting for Free Swelling Index (FSI) and Ash Fusion along with the more traditional mass loss or calorimetric based measurements
  • Produce final or preliminary reports at any time for any sample ID.

Simplify Data Entry and Organization

The 6750 Proximate Interface will accept data from a digital balance as generated; organizing and storing it in the correct order, under operator assigned sample IDs. Alternatively, proximate analysis data may be entered manually. Several selectable options are available to speed the data entry process by allowing the operator to enter consecutive tare and gross weights automatically with a minimum number of keystrokes.

Seamless Integration

The 6750 Proximate Interface does not require a special oven, furnace, or analytical balance. All drying and ashing operations are performed in the same oven and furnace normally used for standard ASTM proximate analyses.

From Raw Data to Attractive Reports

Many options are available to the user to create the desired reporting format. The user can select from a variety of pre-programmed options to obtain either complete or partial reports for individual samples or for a full range of tests. All data is stored in non-volatile Flash ROM based memory.

There are five options for transferring this data:

  • Directly to a printer via the USB port
  • Manually transfer the data using SD Memory cards
  • Link to a network printer using the Ethernet port
  • Establish a connection using a web browser
  • Connect using an ftp site

Each 6750 Proximate Interface is equipped with a USB port and an Ethernet network connection.

An Ethernet network connection is used when the 6750 Proximate Interface will be installed in conjunction with a calorimeter and / or ADL or Total Moisture interface devices. Additional 6750 Proximate Interfaces may be configured as ADL or Total Moisture interface devices and connected to the network. When connected to a Parr calorimeter, the sample weights for determining the heat of combustion are automatically transferred to the calorimeter. Determined BTU and Sulfur values can then be sent back for incorporation in final reports.

The 6750 Proximate Interface is compatible solely with the line of 6000 Series instruments.

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