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Phase Technology’s 70Xi series of online cold properties analyzers optimize your refining process with fast, reliable, real-time testing of freeze, cloud and pour point of product streams. With the benefit of process control, you can be closer to specifications to maximize the yield of high-value products and reduce giveaway.

Including a dedicated process analyzer in your refinery’s flow from distillation lets you get quicker test results with better ASTM reproducibility. Online analyzers are a smart investment to ensure that quality control is tight at every step of the refining process.

Phase Technology´s 70Xi series of online analyzer systems are ruggedly built for continuous, uninterrupted measurement. Their robust, explosion proof construction means you can rely on them to operate in even the most extreme and hazardous conditions. (Optional flameproof (Ex d) protection online analyzer with IECEx or ATEX certification available upon request.)

Test Methods

Pour Point: ASTM D5949, ASTM D97 (IP 15 / ISO 3016) equivalent or better
Cloud Point: ASTM D5773 (IP 446), ASTM D2500 (IP 219 / ISO 3015) equivalent
Freeze Point: ASTM D5972 (IP 435), ASTM D2386 (IP 16 / ISO 3013) equivalent

Features and Benefits

  • Fast analysis cycle time of 10-15 minutes
  • Fully automated; intelligent self-cleaning mechanism
  • Includes Aquanot™. a sophisticated sample conditioning system capable of filtering samples with high particulates and water content.
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance
  • High precision, same as lab analyzers
  • Correlates with ASTM test methods

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