ASTM D4807 apparatus

The Tamson ASTM D4807 apparatus is designed for sediment ...



The Tamson ASTM D4807 apparatus is designed for sediment determinations by membrane filtrations in crude oil. This test method has been validated for crude oils with sediments up to approximately 0.15 mass %.

The robust and maintenance Tamson TC16 circulator pumps the bath content filled with silicon oil through the jacketed (double wall) funnel to maintain the crude oil sample at 90°C. The jacketed funnel allows for great visibility on the inside funnel and filter when flushing with toluene. This makes it easy for the user to make sure that the complete sample has been filtered through the filter. Necessary filter support, clamp, rubber stopper, 1000 mL vacuum filtering flask, glass T-piece with ground wire, insulated tubing with connectors, stand with clamps, membrane filters, and a vacuum pump are included. Next to the complete set up, all parts for the set-up can be ordered as a spare part. We deliver other accessories for this method as well.

The insulation of the bath and electronic design result in an very stable working temperature of ± 0.02° The set point can be set in steps of 0.1° in the range of 0°C up to 250°C (-148..482°F). The accuracy on the display is displayed in 0.1°C. However the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C. The temperature range is from ambient +5°C to 250°C. Standard available in °C, on request in °F. The bath conforms to CE regulation. It is further equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat. All parts are grounded. Bath, support and funnel are grounded. A braided wire grounds the flask and sample in the vacuum filtering flask.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete setup for ASTM D4807 tests
  • Levelling platform in TC16 to heat toluene
  • Jacketed funnel (instead of wired copper)
  • Bath drain
  • Fully grounded system
  • Stand with clamps to hold funnel
  • Robust and maintenance free TC16
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