CEC L-109-14 apparatus

The Tamson CEC L-109-14 bath is a bath with ...


The Tamson CEC L-109-14 bath is a bath with all the accessories to perform tests according to CEC L-109-14, which is the oxidation test for engine oils operating in the presence of biodiesel fuels. The apparatus consists of a six position TC40 circulator bath and it is standard delivered with six sets of glassware (500 mL flask and condenser). The cover of the bath has six openings, each with a lid and stand-rods with clamps to hold the glassware in the same position.

The Tamson bath/circulator TC40 has a bath volume of 40L. Temperature can be set from ambient up to 250°C. Temperature stability is better than +/- 0.02°C. All wetted parts in the bath are made from stainless steel. The robust TC40 has a mainenance free pump and is designed to work at high temperatures. The bath conforms to CE regulation. It is further equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat and a level protection device to make sure that the level of the bath fluid is not too low.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust bath, perfectly suitable for long operation at high temperatures
  • All wetted parts are made from stainless steel
  • Bath drain
  • Bath is equipped with cooling coil for counter-cooling
  • Six positions
  • Including prescribed glassware and flowmeters
  • Stand rods with clamps to hold condensers
  • Level protection device

Documents to download

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