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The Direct Cool II device measures the apparent viscosity ...

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Tannas King


The Direct Cool II device measures the apparent viscosity of fresh, sooted, or highly oxidized engine oils at low temperatures. It determines the susceptibility of engine oils to flow-limited and air-binding responses during slow cooling conditions by providing continuous rheological data over a broad temperature range (+90°C to -40°C).

Additionally, the multi-purpose Direct Cool II can be used for running the automated low-temperature viscosity test for ATF, hydraulic fluids, and gear oils per the new ASTM D2983, Procedure D technique. The dual-position design allows operators to test two samples simultaneously, or the ability to run a reference sample alongside an unknown sample as indicated in the ASTM method.

Test Methods

  • ASTM D5133
  • ASTM D7110
  • ASTM D2983 – Proc. D
  • JPI-5S-56-99
  • Chinese SH/T0732

Features and Benefits

  • Thermoelectric Module Cooling (TMC) eliminates flammable bath mediums.
  • Small, Dual-position, bench-top footprint.
  • Incorporates new all-digital TAV-IIIM SBT® Viscometer model.
  • SBT® Automation Package (w/Laptop) offers the capability to operate up to four, 2-place Direct Cool II units simultaneously and independently.
  • Self-contained pre-heating: Heats samples up to 90°C prior to prescribed cooling profile.
  • Programmable Temperature Controller maintains bath temperature within ±0.1°C to -40°C.
  • Universal Power capability (110—240VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • Internal automatic dry air system removes moisture that accumulates during the test.
  • Built-in touchscreen for easy-access temperature control settings and bath operations.

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