OptiFZP: Freeze Point

The next generation OptiFZP: Freeze Point Analyzer offers proven ...

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The next generation OptiFZP: Freeze Point Analyzer offers proven technology used by labs worldwide. The powerful internal cooling system can measure up to -100C (-148F) without the need of an external cooling bath. The unique patented detection cell provides ultra-high accuracy with unmatched precision, while maintaining its compact footprint. The newly designed OptiFZP includes a color touchscreen and advanced electronics that allows network printing and data transfer from the analyzer to a PC.

Test Methods

ASTM D2386, ASTM D7153, IP 16, IP 529, ISO 3013, JIS K2276, DEF STAN 91-091

Features and Benefits

  • Improved Productivity and Ease of Use With a New Touch-Screen and Advanced Electronics
  • Accurate and Precise Freezing Point Determination in less than 15 Minutes
  • Superior correlation with manual method on contaminated samples
  • One-button push operation
  • Compact Design with Built-in Cooling System
  • Automatic Cleaning Using Next Sample
  • LIMS connectivity using improved IRIS platform
  • Network printing capability
  • Compliant with ASTM D7153 and IP 529
  • Perfect correlation to ASTM D2386 and IP 16


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