Pour Point of Crude Oils D5853 Bath

The ASTM D5853 test method covers the determination of ...



The ASTM D5853 test method covers the determination of the pour point temperatures of crude oil down to -36°C. This bath is needed for this test method to preheat the sample. Tamson also supplies a single adjustable pour point bath. Please see the separate D97 and D2500 specification sheet. The cover of the bath has six openings, each with a lid and hook for suspending a copper corrosion test vessel (P/N 14T0100). Or the openings can accommodate test tubes in holders (P/N 14T0102). The temperature range is from ambient +5°C to 250°C. Optional is a cover with nine holes to test nine samples (P/N 03T2311).

The insulation of the bath and electronic design result in a very stable working temperature of ± 0.02° The set point can be set in steps of 0.1° in the range of 0°C up to 250°C (-148..482°F). The accuracy on the display is displayed in 0.1°C. However the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C. Standard available in °C, on request in °F. When not used for pour point of crude oils tests, the pump can be used to circulate the bath content to an external application. The bath conforms to CE regulation. It is further equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat. Optional is a low liquid floater (P/N 07T0080). We also offer a TC40 bath with a cover for 18 positions (P/N 03T2313). The setup can be used for tests according to ASTM D5853 and IP 441.

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