RB36: Ring & Ball

The RB36 5G is designed for measuring product temperatures ...

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The RB36 5G is designed for measuring product temperatures from 0°C to 220°C. The instrument enables simultaneous testing of two samples with independent monitoring. Simply load the sample and with a few keystrokes, the test is started. Bath temperature and ball movement are precisely controlled according standard test methods. RB36 integrates top-of-the-art regulation systems specially designed for difficult method heating rate regulations. Heating rate is displayed in real-time and automatically stored with the result.

Test Methods

ASTM D36, ASTM E28, EN 1427, IP 58, ISO 4625

Features and Benefits

  • 40 preset programs for different bath media
  • Optional kit for EN 1871
  • Wilhelmi test
  • Heating rate monitoring during test and stored with the result
  • Preheating cycle with programmable time
  • Infrared detection with adjustable response time
  • Simultaneous determination of two samples
  • Compact, self-contained for easy handling maintenance
  • Data export to LIMS and/or connected printer

Documents to download

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