The SA-100P and the SA-100P2 are respectively a single ...

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The SA-100P and the SA-100P2 are respectively a single and dual in-line probe Oil in Water analysers suitable for non-hazardous areas; they both use fluorescence to provide continuous accurate measurements of oil concentrations in water. The additional probe on the SA-100P2 allows monitoring of two process points simultaneously with dual readings displayed on the analyser. Reliable real-time data enables operators to take accurate measurements and to improve efficiency enabling cost reductions. The SA Series is ideally suited for refineries, marine, industrial and general waste-water monitoring. In addition to the standard probe features the 1000 models offer spectral analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Adaptive ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Laser Induce Fluorescence (LIF).
  • Remote management and diagnostics.
  • Easy to install.
  • Spectrometer (with SA-100P model)
  • Dual probe (with SA-100P2/ 1000P2)
  • For the option of hot insertion/ extraction, an extraction tool and gear box is recommended for pressures in the range 3-5 barg. For pressures above 6 barg a gear box is essential for hot insertion/ extraction.
  • Digital input and output.
  • No user required maintenance.
  • Consistent accurate performance.
  • No sample conditioning system required. Inserted directly in process pipe.
  • Accurate OIW measurements over the laser lifetime of 18 months. No recalibration required and no degradation of signal over the period of 18 months.
  • During process shut down, the analyser can be turned to standby mode through remote digital input. All signals are accessible remotely through Modbus/ Ethernet connectivity.
  • Spectrum of light wavelength is monitored and helps to find any process surge due to change in process/ chemical addition. Oil type switching is also feasible.
  • Simultaneous display of two stream measurements in one device. Effective means of monitoring performance of separation equipment both inlet and outlet.
  • With double block and bleed valve, probe can be inserted/ removed without process shut down.

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