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ASTM D4870 is a test for total sediment in ...



ASTM D4870 is a test for total sediment in residual fluids. Tamson supplies a two-position sediment tester with accessories for the total sediment test in residual fuels conform to ASTM D4870, IP 375, and ISO 10307. The test determines the insoluble material content of distillate and residual fuel oils. A weighed quantity (10g) of the oil sample is filtered through the sediment tester at 100°C. After solvent washing and drying the total sediment on the filter medium is weighed. The test is to be carried out in duplicate. The Sediment tester is a benchtop model which consists of two filtration cells, a vacuum circuit with gauge and an integrated cooling/heating circuit. An advantage about our system is that the waste is collected in a waste container outside the unit and not inside the system. Alternatively, the waste can be collected in a lab’s own waste system, in case they have a lot of samples. Each cup has to be equipped with a sintered brass disc (P/N 31T0063) to support the microfiber filter. Other necessary accessories like a vacuum pump, steam generator, filter media and waste container are available.

The sediment tester is a closed system where the waste is collected outside the unit. The pump and steam generator are conform to CE regulations.

Tamson is also manufacturing an ageing bath for thermal ageing of the samples, conform to the procedure in the appendix of the test method. Either a 6 position or 15 position ageing bath is available.

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