Tamson Four Position Manifold (TVM)

The Tamson Vacuum Manifold (TVM) is designed to be ...



The Tamson Vacuum Manifold (TVM) is designed to be used together with Vacuum system (TVS) and TV4000. The TVM allows to control to which viscometer the vacuum is applied. The TVM can be easily mounted on TV4000MKII by using the standard holes of the top plate. The manifold offers four positions and is delivered with 4mm blue PU-tubing between TVM and TVS. A main advantage of the manifold is that the manifold has additional openings in which the tubing can be placed when not in use. This so that the tubing can stay in place while the viscometer is removed and the loose end of the tube will not touch the bath fluid, nor it will be ‘in the way’ when working with the other viscometers.

150 150 Tamson Four Position Manifold (TVM) 2021-12-29