TC40 Silver Corrosion Bath

This test method specifies the determination of the corrosive ...



This test method specifies the determination of the corrosive tendencies towards silver of aviation turbine fuel, automotive spark-ignition engine oils or automotive gasoline. The result is classified as an integer in the range 0 to 4. The bath offers place for 18 test positions. The temperature range is from ambient +5°C to 250°C. The bath can also be used for copper corrosion tests, please see specification sheet for ASTM D130 and related methods.

The insulation of the bath and electronic design result in a very stable working temperature of ± 0.02°C. The set point can be set in steps of 0.1° in the range of 0°C up to 250°C (-148..482°F). The accuracy on the display is displayed in 0.1°C. However the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C.
Standard available in °C, on request in °F. When not used for silver corrosion tests, the pump can be used to circulate the bath content to an external application. The bath conforms to CE regulation. It is further equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat.

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