The TEOST 33C test simulates the effect of engine ...

Tannas King


The TEOST 33C test simulates the effect of engine operating conditions on the oxidation and deposit-forming tendencies of engine oils, especially in the high-temperature Turbocharger area. The TEOST MHT® test simulates similar effects and conditions found in the ring belt and piston ring areas of the engine.

Oil samples treated with catalysts are pumped over a heated 33C Depositor Rod or a coiled MHT Depositor Rod on which deposits form. The weight of the Depositor Rod after the test is subtracted from its pre-test weight and added to the particulate weight collected by filtering the oil remaining. The results are reported in milligrams.

Test Methods

  • ASTM D6335   |   Dual/33C Model 
  • ASTM D7097   |   MHT Model (Moderately High Temperature)

Models Available

  • TEOST Dual
  • TEOST® 33C

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable temperature zones and pump speeds.
  • Clear Glass Mantle for easy viewing of depositor area during the test.
  • Ability to collect the volatilized material for further analysis and investigation.


Documents to download

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