Tamson TLV25 low temperature visibility bath, conforms to ASTM ...



Tamson TLV25 low temperature visibility bath, conforms to ASTM D445 with a temperature range from -80°C to +60°C. The TLV25 system contains a 25 liter Dewar flask and Temperature stability is ± 0.03K.
The fluid in the flask must permanently be cooled by a separate immersion cryostat. The temperature set point is maintained via a microprocessor controlled heating element. When using TCC-IC, minimum working temperatures of minus 80°C can be reached. At the minimum temperature sufficient heat removal is provided to maintain stable temperature control, even when glass capillary viscometers are placed in the bath for measurement.

The systems accuracy is better than the requirements of ASTM D445 and ISO 3104. The bath is illuminated by a fluorescent light built-in behind the Dewar flask. The top lid has a turn table construction containing three holes of 51ø mm, each with a round cover. By turning the lid, the immersed viscometer can be positioned in front of the window. This window is heated to keep clear sight at low temperatures.
The cooler is a separate device having enough capacity to cool the 25 litres of methanol. Accuracy and performance only can be achieved with TCC-IC immersion cooler.

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