TV12 visibility bath

The Tamson TV12 visibility bath is specially designed for ...



The Tamson TV12 visibility bath is specially designed for tests that require ultra-precise temperature control, or processes that need to be followed visually, e.g. determination of kinematic viscosity (conforms to ASTM D445, IP 71), thermometer and sensor calibration, density and reaction rate measurement, etc. The TV12 is able to achieve a temperature stability of 0.01°C. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and brass, providing resistance against all usual bath fluids. The bath is fitted with adjustable feet for leveling. A permanent light is located in the top plate to supply clear light and guarantee optimal visibility inside the bath. The bath is equipped with two windows. The TV12 is maintenance free and designed to run with minimal operational costs.

The TV12 can be operated from ambient +5 up to +120°C (..302°F). With the use of the built-in cooling coil, sub ambient temperatures down to +5°C can be achieved. The bath is equipped with both a drain and an overflow outlet. The bath conforms to CE-regulation. Further the bath is equipped with a mechanical over temperature protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Very precise temperature stability
  • All wetted parts made from stainless steel
  • Integrated LED light
  • Bath drain and overflow outlet
  • Small footprint
  • Four positions with a small bath volume
  • Easy to read display
  • Very quiet
  • Integrated cooling coil for counter-cooling
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