OptiMVD: The Fastest and Most Versatile Viscometer and Density Meter

OptiMVD is a mini viscometer and density meter designed ...

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OptiMVD is a mini viscometer and density meter designed for today’s modern laboratory. Available in three different configurations, all models load the sample, perform viscosity and density measurement, and clean the system automatically. The dual carousel model allows programming up to 48 samples at a time. All models can measure samples with a viscosity range from 1 mm2/sec to 2,000 mm2/sec at 40°C.

Safe and cost-effective to own and operate, the constant pressure viscometer has a precision that meets or exceeds ASTM D445 or its equivalents.

Test Methods

Complies to: ASTM D7945, ASTM D7777

Correlates to: ASTM D445, ASTM D4052, ISO 3104, IP 71, GOST 33, GB/T 265

Features and Benefits

Fast and reliable viscosity measurement

OptiMVD measures viscosity according to ASTM D7945. This method is based upon the Hagen-Poiseuille principle of capillary flow. To determine viscosity with OptiMVD, a sample is drawn from a capped sample vial and then introduced into the measuring cell at a controlled, specified temperature. The measuring cell contains a horizontal capillary tube with optical sensors. A thermal block surrounds the measuring cell.

Density is determined by ASTM D7777 method. The OptiMVD measures density at multiple temperatures yielding precision that is much better than other D7777 density meters.

Simple, easy operation

OptiMVD operation begins by simply loading a sample vial onto the sample injection port or into a carousel, then starting the test using the 13.3” color touchscreen. Heating, cleaning, and drying are automatically controlled. Up to two solvents can be used. The supplied waste container can accommodate over 50 tests with complete two-solvent cleaning.

A “Favorites” list can be created, then touch-selected and dragged to any open position on a carousel. Users can pre-fill carousel positions from the “Favorites” list. Alternatively, users can add individual samples by touching the carousel location. Once the carousel is loaded, press “START RUN” to begin the test. Users can prioritize specific samples regardless of the loading queue.

Optimize your communication rate

The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, with minimum interactions needed to enter data, save favorites, configure the autosampler, or start the run. Even the ability to update, download data and calibrate the OptiMVD are simple processes and quickly achieved.

High precision and throughput

OptiMVD maximizes the power of automation to increase test productivity with significant repeatability and reproducibility improvement. The dual viscometer/density meter model features two integrated, 24-position autosampler carousels, giving users the ability to program up to 48 tests. The analyzer’s flexibility features allow users to test sample from the same vial at two different temperatures, as well as test sample from either carousel in any chosen order.

Smart sample ordering

“Smart Sample Ordering” is a unique, time-saving feature only available on the OptiMVD. This feature enables the analyzer to intelligently evaluate the number of samples, the sample order, the testing temperatures, and any user-defined priority selections to determine the most efficient testing order. Depending on the type and number of samples, this feature can reduce the total testing time from 20% to 50% or more for full carousels running multiple temperatures.

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