Series 4530 Floor Stand Reactors, 1 & 2 L

The Series 4530 reactors are available in 1 and ...

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The Series 4530 reactors are available in 1 and 2 l volumes and are already mounted in a stand. They can be configured for polymer studies, modified to fit your needs, relocated when not in use, and are available in high pressure versions.

  • Reactors Configured for Polymer Studies. The floor stand reactors in this series are mounted on a sturdy stand which will accommodate larger stirrer drive motors and stronger power trains that are generally not available for the bench top models. With these options it is possible to provide the high torque and low stirring speeds required for work with polymers, slurries, and other mixtures with viscosity of 1 million centipoise and more. These mountings are also better suited for the installation of a drain valve in the cylinder bottom for convenient removal of the reaction mixture while it is still hot.
  • Reactors Requiring Extensive Modifications. Floor stand mountings provide a good base for reactor modifications and for the addition of accessories, such as: condensers, packed columns, special motors, custom heaters, jacketed vessels, automatic valves or regulators, and many other fittings. Both fixed head and moveable vessel designs are available. An optional pneumatic cylinder lift is available for fixed head models.
  • Reactors that Need to be Moved. These floor stand reactors are designed for use in an area where a bench top is not available. Users who wish to move the reactor to storage when not in use, will appreciate the moveable cart design of the Series 4531 and 4532.

The Series 4530 reactors are available with an FKM O-ring seal for operating temperatures to 225 °C, and FFKM O-ring for temperatures to 300 °C, or with a flat, PTFE gasket for operating temperatures up to 350 °C maximum.

  • High Pressure (HP) versions. These floor stand reactors are now available in an HP version up to 3000 psi (200 bar) at 300 °C.
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