Tamson thermostatic bath T17000 with a bath volume of ...



Tamson thermostatic bath T17000 with a bath volume of 170 L. Temperature can be set from ambient to 150°C. Temperature stability is +/- 0.01 K. Bath opening 543 x 1768 mm. Bath is made from stainless steel. The T17000 is used for precise temperature control and offers high reliability for use under rough circumstances

The insulation of the bath and electronic design result in a stable working temperature of ± 0.01°C. The set point temperature can be set in steps of 0.01°C in the range of ambient up to 150°C (302°F). The accuracy on the display is displayed in 0.01°C. However the controller has an internal accuracy of 0.01°C. This two decimal-readout also is available from the RS232 and the free Tamcom software.

The temperature reading standard is available in °C, on request in °F. Due to the “self-heating” of the stirring mechanism and when using a top lid, the minimum temperature lies approximately 5°C above the ambient temperature. When using the standard built-in cooling coil the minimum operating temperature lies approximately ±5°C above the temperature of the cooling liquid circulating inside the cooling coil. Minimum working temperature when using external cooling lies around 10°C. Lower temperatures generate problems with built up of condensate in the inner insulation of the bath.
The bath conforms to CE regulation. It is further equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat and a drain to empty the bath.

One of the applications of the bath is to use the T17000 as a diffusion bath for making dynamic gas mixtures with volatile organic components.

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