Tamson Vacuum System (TVS) 85~250V

The Tamson Vacuum System (TVS) is a digital vacuum ...



The Tamson Vacuum System (TVS) is a digital vacuum controller designed to offer a precise preselected negative pressure, i.e. – 300 mm Hg for ASTM D2171. This makes the TVS in combination with the Tamson Manifold and TV4000 a very suitable option when testing the viscosity of bitumen by vacuum capillary viscometer according to ASTM D2171, IP 222, EN 12596 and AASHTOT 202.

The TVS offers a range from 20 .. 320 mm Hg [30 .. 430 mBar]. An internal pump provides vacuum which can be set using the up/down key on the front panel. The set point is stored in memory and automatically set after power up. Internal pneumatics regulate the vacuum around this set point. In case of leakage or volume fluctuations, the electronic feedback system will maintain the pre-set vacuum. One of the main advantages of the TVS is the extremely small footprint compared to the few other vacuum systems available in the market, saving important workbench space. The system further offers high precision and a feedback regulation on the vacuum. This control keeps the vacuum within 0.5 mm Hg of its set point.

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic feedback system to maintain the pre-set vacuum
  • Required vacuum is reached in under 15 seconds
  • Small dimensions
  • Visible fluid trap
  • Vacuum control within the speciifcations of ASTM D2171
  • Wide range to enable the system to be used for other applications
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